How much will my cleaning cost?

Cleaning costs vary depending on many factors; the size of the home, types of services required, current condition and specific issues or concerns. We like to chat with all of our potential clients regarding their needs and budget. We can often provide an estimate over the phone and other times an on-site visit is required.

How much does it cost to have someone do an on-site estimate?

There is no cost for us to visit the location to provide an estimate for services. 

Do I supply product and equipment for the service?

Our teams bring all of the products, supplies and equipment required. However, if you would like us to use a specific product, you can supply that and we are happy to use it.

Do I have to do anything before my service?

This depends on the type of service, but a general tidy and removal of clutter is appreciated. This allows our teams to use their time actually cleaning. We also recommend making arrangements for any pets that could be distressed by our presence.

Do I need to provide a deposit to book my service? / Do you need my credit card number to hold my service?

We generally do not require a deposit though we do ask for Visa or MasterCard information to be provided in order to secure the service. This will be kept on file until services are completed. You will then be able to choose to have us process the payment on that credit card or use another form of payment.

How do you invoice, and how can I pay my bill?

We send all of our invoices generally via email, and you can pay your invoice by Visa, MasterCard, Interac, email transfer or cheque.

Do you restore hardwood floors?

We do not provide restoration / refinishing services for hardwood floors at this time.