How much will my office cleaning cost?

The variables are so great that it's impossible to determine without gathering some information. On fairly short notice we can come visit to see what the scope of your needs are and what challenges you've been experiencing. We may or may not be a fit for each other, but we'll honestly and openly discuss your situation.

Do you do background checks on your staff?

We do. Our hiring process is robust with initial online screening, an extensive phone interview, criminal background check, drivers abstracts, face to face interviews and work related reference checks. All of our employees have signed security and confidentiality documents.

Are your staff employees or sub-contractors?

All of our staff are employees of Inside-Out. We collect and submit Worker's Compensation fees, Employment Insurance fees and Income tax for each. They work a mixture of full and part time hours, and if over a certain weekly hour limit our employees are offered health benefits. 

How do I know you are monitoring and managing your staff?

Great question. One of the advantages we have at Inside Out Cleaning is our technology. We use the Swept cleaner management system which helps us to communicate and manage our staff. We (and you can) receive real time notification of staff arrival on location that's GPS stamped so we know they're on site. We can message with them, manage supplies, and provide their schedule and related inspections through Swept. When we do your periodical inspection you'll receive it via email. Because of Swept our managers are virtually on site at all time.

Do you supply consumables like garbage bags, toilet tissue and hand towel?

During our initial consultation we can discuss the need to include these items. The default is that they are not included in the basic cleaning proposal, but are often an extra item we supply at additional cost.

Are you able to provide me with options for periodical cleaning work like carpet cleaning or exterior windows?

Yes, we can be your one company for all things cleaning related in your facility. We can provide you with various options during our initial consultation or later on in our relationship.

Will you take away our garbage and recycling?

Our service generally includes collecting the various forms of garbage in your facility, but ends at your dumpster (or wherever your garbage is stored prior to pick up). 

How do you invoice, and how can I pay my bill?

For regular scheduled cleaning we bill on the 1st of the month for the upcoming month and receive payment by month's end when you have received your services. For one time items, like carpet cleaning or exterior windows, you will be billed upon completion of the service and have 30 day terms. 

We send all of our invoices generally via email. You can pay your invoice by Visa, MasterCard, Interac email transfer or by cheque.