Janitorial Contract Cleaning

The business case for a clean and sanitary office is obvious. Your employees and clients never have to think or complain about the condition of your premises, it is simply a clean and organized place of business where you and your employees can focus on providing your clients with the things they need.

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Our Janitorial Contract Cleaning Services are completely customized. After an initial inspection and consultation we can find the perfect balance between your maintenance needs and your budget.

Carpet Cleaning

A good-looking business starts from the ground up. You want your clients and your employees to experience a healthy, organized and clean environment from the minute they walk through the door. That’s where we come in.

Inside-Out Cleaning has been certified and professionally cleaning carpets for over 25 years. We know a thing or two about cleaning carpets, and we want to bring our experience and customer service to you. Although we offer various cleaning methods, our primary process is Hot Water Extraction. This is our preferred method for safely deep- cleaning your carpets. 

Window Cleaning

Windows are the “eyes” of any room. Ideally, they let maximum light in and allow us to clearly see out. Whether you have retail or office space, our experienced Window Cleaners can help you create a sparkling image for your growing business.

Window Cleaning Services we Offer:

  • Inside and Outside - One-Time Cleaning
  • Yearly Spring or Fall Cleaning
  • Routine Cleaning (Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Weekly, etc.)

Hard Floor Care

Ceramic / Stone Tile Scrubbing:

We all love our ceramic or stone tiles but there does come a time when routine vacuuming and mopping can no longer clean your tiles and grout the way they should be cleaned. That’s where we come in. 

Our Specialized Technicians have the equipment, experience and knowledge to completely rejuvenate your tile and grout. Using the most effective procedures and products we ensure that your ceramic or stone floors will safely and effectively look new again.

Vinyl Composite Tile Refinishing and Maintenance:

The key to keeping vinyl composite tiles looking shiny and new is a good cleaning and maintenance schedule. That’s where we come in.

Inside-Out Cleaning Services has over 25 years of vinyl composite tile cleaning experience. We use state-of-the-art tools and products to make any vinyl tiled surface look new again. Whether your floor is massive or tiny, we are happy to help.

Custom Cleaning Solutions

There are certain cleaning tasks that are “out of the ordinary” or don’t fall within the regular realm of cleaning. Sometimes you simply find yourself asking, "How are we going to clean that?" Maybe the challenge is a great height or a tight squeeze, a big spill or a small disaster.

IOCS can take on many specialized cleaning jobs, providing you with answers to some of those challenging circumstances.