Hiring A Cleaning Service With Good Company Values - It Makes A World Of Difference

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You understand the value of having a clean facility and work environment. Your staff needs a clean place to work in and your customers demand a pristine environment as well.

When it comes to selecting a company that is going to help you maintain your clean environment, the decision is about more than just soap and bubbles. Think about how and when the cleaning service is most likely going to occur. You or your staff won’t be in the facility. So you're really deciding on a company that you can trust with your computers, equipment, and that will lock up when they’re done.

To put the risks of untrustworthiness into perspective, earlier this year, a maid walked off with $25,000 worth of jewelry.

How much is peace of mind worth to you and your business?  

At Inside Out Cleaning Services, we understand the need for businesses to trust us. To make sure that we earn that trust every day, we focus on having strong company values and a commitment to our employees.

A History of Strong Company Values

Eric Martell grew the business one customer at a time by being focused on excellent customer service and end-results that "wowed" every customer. In 1991, Eric's wife Wanda joined the team and the business name changed to Inside-Out. They spent the next 12 years continuing to grow the business through quality training and commitment to the community.

A Commitment to our Clients AND our Employees

At Inside-Out Cleaning Services, our commitment to our clients is equaled by our commitment to our employees. You benefit directly from well trained and experienced employees who are proud of a job well done. Our goal to provide safe and effective work environments ensures that our staff, the environment, and our clients are treated with respect and are protected.

All Inside-Out Cleaning Service Employees Are:

  • Cleared through a police background check

  • Insured and WCB compliant

  • Professionally uniformed with logo, so you know who we are

  • Fully trained in First Aid and WHMIS

  • Engaged daily with the other cleaners, their supervisors, and managers through the Swept Cleaning Management App.

If you’d like to learn more about how Inside Out Cleaning Service can earn your trust every day, please give us a call.