Commercial Cleaning Pre-Proposal Checklist

Preparing for the Proposal

Often times, making the change to a new cleaning company is a brief thought with little procurement. Before are you solicited with many offers ask yourself some things. What things do you want your next cleaning company to do for you that they are currently not? Remember, that a discounted price often results in overlooked details. Where is your balance between price and what you sacrifice?

In general, are you pleased with your current cleaning or are you looking for a complete overhaul? Maybe you're downsizing your needs and changing some priorities around. Be sure to share these details with anyone who is giving you a proposal.

What to Achieve

What are some goals that a cleanings service can achieve for you? Health, safety, and image are some of the big factors that need to be considered before receiving a proposal.. Everyone knows where their problems lie, but also think about the specific tasks that need completed and their frequency.

What were some of the challenges with the relationship of your last cleaning company? Did they forget to complete certain tasks or not offer timely service? What is something that a cleaning company could provide you that would set them apart from the rest? Maybe it was a specific activity that was often ignored. With all of that being said, let us know if you are open to suggestions or required a rigid and unchanging agenda.

Finding the Right Clean

Below are some of the things you would want to highlight when you are requesting proposals for a new cleaning company.

  • What do you want from a cleaning company?

  • Are discounted prices worth the missed details?

  • Do you want an overhaul or small tweaks?

  • Will proper cleaning help your health, safety, or image?

  • What are the issues with your current company?

  • What can set a new cleaning company apart from the rest?

  • Are you open to suggestions regarding your situation?

Take these with you on your cleaning company search and make sure all of your needs are met in the future.