Do you know the full impact of cutting corners on cleaning?

Depending on your needs cleaning can be pricey. What many people don’t realize is how cutting corners on your cleaning can affect your space, your productivity, and revenue.

Some quotes I’ve heard:

“The manager in that department spends the first 15 minutes of her day cleaning that area…”

“I would like the cleaning to not be a daily topic in our office…”

“No chance I ever set foot in that restaurant again…”

Client goodwill evaporates when your workplace is dirty.

People make a judgement on the merit of your business in the first second they’re in your space. Imagine a dentist office or a grocery store with dust bunnies. A dirty, dusty office may not mean you have bad business practices, but it does show that your business lacks attention to detail.

Clients and customers see the things you do not. They’re evaluating every aspect of your business from first impression to continued impression.

Let your competitors experience the negative reactions, keep your business spotless.

Look Through Your Customer’s Eyes

“Why would I steam clean my carpets, they don’t look so bad?”.

Have you ever seen a carpet being removed? Yikes. Keeping a clean carpet has important health benefits. Carpet is one of the top places in an office where allergens can collect. A dirty carpet contains a whole range of aggravating particles, including skin flakes, pet hair, food and dust mites. In addition, carpet can also hold harmful bacteria.

When you see your business every day, you forget to really look at your space. Take a few moments next time you’re walking into your business. Use the checklist below to do a self-evaluation on how your business looks to the untrained eye:

  • Windows - Dirt, prints, bird droppings, blinds

  • Doors - Free of fingerprints, dirt, and grease

  • Carpets - Vacuumed (check corners and under desks), stains, dust, fraying

  • Tile Floors - Stains, dirty grout, dust in corners, scuffs, standing water, baseboards

  • Walls - Stains, hand-prints, dirt, cobwebs

  • Restroom ceiling exhaust vents  - Dust in the grates, etc.

  • Lighting Fixtures - Bugs, dust, dirt, light bulbs, build-up

  • Smell - Lingering food, coffee, musty

  • Trash Cans - Overflowing, emptied regularly, smell, cans wiped clean

  • Bathrooms - Toilets (check the bases), mirrors, counter tops, floors, trash cans, smell

  • Work spaces - Dusted, monitors cleaned, phones disinfected, trash removed,

Build Customer Retention

Having a clean business doesn’t create business. However, it keeps your customers and clients coming back. Being clean is not a value-proposition, but a brand necessity. In a recent study by M/A/R/C, almost 43% of respondents said a clean environment was a big factor in patronizing a store.

If your business isn’t clean, you’re losing customers.