Why is it so hard to choose a good cleaning company?

Why is finding a good cleaning company like playing roulette?


Commercial Cleaning Starts Well…

Have you noticed the quality has declined?

At first, a new company shows up, shiny and fresh with fantastic service and an unbeatable price. Things are finally better. There’s hope.

Soon, you notice that wonderful cleaner is gone. The replacement is nice but not quite the same. Things get missed. No sign of the management or any inspections. The complaints start to arrive.

People, for the most part, want it to be a seamless service. They’d prefer that they can check a box and call it a task completed. “Okay, you’re hired. Can you start this weekend? Great!” but have you done sufficient due diligence?

Ask for Bonds and Background Checks

I’ll give you an example or two. We are often asked if we have bonded employees, do we do criminal record checks? We do, but I’ll bet that fewer than 3% of the clients we have ever had have ever asked for proof. Several hundred clients have handed us the keys and alarm codes to their buildings without ever asking to confirm my identity let alone that of my staff. Many of these companies won’t give some of their current staff a key. Nobody ever asks us to discuss our training practices, or what we do when a cleaner is either sick or on vacation.

They ask us if our products are environmentally friendly but never ask what they are, or check if that’s true. Nobody asks us about our safety record other than to confirm that we’re covered by Worker Compensation and up to date on our fees. Are you insured? Yup.

If there is never any confirmation of these criteria, why would you bother to have it in place so it would affect your pricing?

Interview Your Cleaning Company

If your experience has been consistently that you’ve been disappointed time and again, what are you doing differently the next time you make a decision? If you’re hiring a service you will mostly never see, shouldn’t you take a deeper dive into who they are before you hire them?

Treat hiring commercial cleaners just like hiring your next employee. Ask the right questions, look at the company website. Read the reviews available on Yelp, Facebook, Google, and many more places. Shop the competition. Look at what employees say about the company on websites like Glass Door, to get an idea of how the business is run.

Try asking some in-depth questions to get an idea of how professional your potential commercial cleaning company truly is; start with some of these:

  • What’s your protocol if an employee suffers a workplace injury?

  • What training do new staff receive before they’re placed in a client space?

  • What’s the process when there’s a client complaint or some issues on an inspection?

Look for the Best Value

With just about anything in life, you can find cheap or expensive options. Instead of basing your immediate decision off of price, have a checklist in mind of all the key elements you’re looking for from your janitorial services company. Does your building or business require specialized cleaning services, are there areas you want focused on, or do you want someone to be in and out as quickly as possible?

Make a list of must-haves and walk through the list with your commercial cleaning reps so they understand your needs and provide the most thorough quote for ongoing services. Remember the questions you had from earlier? What were their responses? How does that compare to the quote? Who is the most qualified? What is the best value?

Take Your Time

Choosing a commercial cleaning company is daunting, because you aren’t the expert, and you’re relying on a company to be open and honest about their business. Be sure to spend plenty of time asking the right questions, researching the companies, and reviewing the quotes. The difference between companies can save you hours of wasted productivity and thousands of dollars.


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